Forum Posts: 700,558

However, 435,384 members makes the average number of posts 1.6

It gets worse if you remove the top 100 posters.
Then the average posts per member is basically 1.

Basically, someone joins, asks a question, and it never gets answered.
What a rubbish forum ;)

If only there were a vast army of 0-posters to make the average for the rest of us look much better.....

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There IS a vast army of 0-posters to make the average for the rest of us look much better

435,399 accounts
Only 74315 have EVER posted a single post.

That means only 17% of members have ever posted and an average of like 9.5 posts per active user.

Amusingly, theres 700,605 posts and i have 12,099
that means i have nearly 1.8% of all total posts lol - i am equivilent to 1274 average users ;)


I guess the same is with `IT Professionals'. ;-)

I still wonder how many of the regular posters here code for a living; but maybe that's a question which demands its own thread.


> do you and narue code for a living?

Me, yes; can't say the same about Narue-chan, though the last time I heard of her, she definitely did code for a living. :-)


Should this threads be milestones or millstones? I do not code for a living but I did in my youth, now I am unemployed <whimper> because my machine was discontinued in the mid-nineties cyber-crush (it was a VAX running VMS - the first true real-time interactive computer/OS). I had a couple different Amigas from 1987 to 1998 - given a choice between C+ and Modula-2, I chose Modula-2 and that was such a boring language I gave it up and stuck with programming in DCL on my various VAXes.

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