My name's Susanne and I'm from Sweden. I ran into this forum while searching for info about a file that seems to be wrong on my computer. My kids managed to get virus on computer and I have been trying to get rid of it. So while searching on info on how to do, I found this forum:)

I spent too many hours with the computer, I do some genealogy and I love to make letters for Incredimail.

Hugs, Susanne

It looks like I'm the first to welcome you to DaniWeb--You;ll love it here--and usually get the right answers to your questions.
Happy asking!

Thank you:) I have read some threads and everyone seems to be very helpful!

Hugs, Susanne

I don't know how much "raoming" you've done, but if I can gove a little directing--got to the Forum Index, and under Microsoft Windows look through the topic Viruses Spyware and other nasties. You'll find some excellent advice there from questions/problems others have had. Ther are also links to assorted programs (free) that you can use to help you repair your virus damages and, of course, there's always the option to start your own thread.
If you word your questions properly (give clear concise background information as to what was done and what happened), you'll uncover all sorts of real experts who will appear from all around the world who are willing to give you worthwhile help.
DaniWeb is what the real web community is all about.
Best of luck

I personally reccomend you start your own thread there and one of the regulars will help you out.

I've read some topics in Virus spyware and other nasties, even search on the name of my virus, but couldn't find it. So I started my own thread:)

Post a link to it here and i will take a look at it for you.

Welcome to the forum, Susanne. Glad to see you here. BTW, "DaniWeb is what the real web community is all about" very true efmesch.