Greetings and Hallucinations to all!
I'm a desert dweller on a positive, peaceful, persevering journey of spreading happy thoughts and goodwill to all.
Sounds kinda corny, I know, but what can I say "truth stranger than fiction" reigns here.

I am:
The luckiest wife in this galaxy (18 yrs. of Bliss).
I wish all lovers to experience pleasure like ours at least once in their lives.
[ie: on registration forms, etc. that ask Marital Status? My response - HAPPILY!]

Mother of the most awesome, perfect set (1 boy/1 girl) of offspring ever imaginable.
They both are well on their ways to their own perfect existence.
"Other Mother" to (too many to count) others.
"The nest is empty, but somebody is always home."

My driven desire is to help people remember.
As many people, in as many places, as long as I exist.

"Don't Forget"?
Hearing or reading don't forget, is worse than the proverbial "fingernails on a chalkboard".
How about "Do Remember", or "Please Remember"?
Not only is it a positive approach to REMEMBERING, but powerful too.
It really becomes easier to remember things when REMEMBER is the word we use.

I BELIEVE in LOVE is the Law. I believe in The Secret. I believe in thebumpexperiment.
I believe in the Rule of Three.
Remember, whatever you give out, returns thrice to thee.
(Might as well make it all good and happy.)
Mother nature equipped us with a "threeky" REMINDER on the ends of our arms. Our hands!
While pointing at something look at your hand... 3 fingers pointing back at you! Coincidence?

Music is the language of the Universe. Music without lyrics is supreme!

Now you know me.;)
Thank you for your time.
Looking forward to a great time ahead.

"Great ideas often receive violent opposition from mediocre minds." - Albert Einstein

Welcome to Daniweb!

nice intro.

Nice intro there. Welcome to Daniweb!