Name: Iain
Nickname: Iain
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 200 ish
Hair: Light Brown (dyed (Nice-n-Easy No 002) - grey/white really)
Eyes: Blue
Location: Helensburgh, Scotland
Age: 60
Hobbies: Gadget Freak, Cars, Music & Movies.

Relationship Status: Married 35 years :)

Fav Music: Pop/Rock - Pink Floyd, Take That, Queen, ELO etc.

Education: Pretty irrelevant now - I was an electronics engineer in the Royal Navy for most of my life, latterly middle management though.

Work: Own a 4 star Guesthouse in Helensburgh (Sinclair House (.com)) which I run along with my wife Ishbel. Mention Dani-web for a 20% discount :)

Favorite TV Shows: All the CSIs, NCIS, House, Fringe, Silent Witness (UK CSI) et al.

I do not really like video games - well I don't play them although I have the hardware. I spend most days mucking about with my kit as all my rooms have an online Lenovo 3000 laptop.
I run an Asus P5E WS Pro Mobo with 4 Gb PC2 9200 Reaper DDR2 memory, Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 CPU, 2 x 24" Dell Monitors, Bluray DVDRW and 2 x DVDRW, 5Tb HDD, nVidia 8800 GTS (getting rather old now) and Vista32 with XP Pro in virtual mode.

from one 60 to the other, welcome to daniweb!