Greetings All—

I am a software user and web publisher, using my Mac to support my several vocations: Mac consulting, web and print design, and (oddly enough) Asian therapeutic massage. Today I discovered daniweb as I search for information about integrating Excel list data with a Word form letter, in hopes of finding a way to execute calucations upon select fields in the Excel records..... (This stuff is not in the Microsoft help utility!)

Since we're here, I invite all and any to be in touch. I enjoy making friends around the world and will open my door to anyone who happens to be in Berkeley, California during their travels, studies, or days of vacation.

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Lady travelers interested in local coffee shops or strolls on the U.C. Berkeley campus or in the East Bay Hills are likewise welcome to drop me a line!

Last, if I can assist anyone with their Macintosh computers I will count it as a priviledge.


the Berkeley Helifreak

Oh yes California, That is where I live where you can arrest someone for putting to much salt on your burger roflmao. Glad you joined Daniweb :)

Welcome to the forum. have a great stay.

Welcome to Daniweb! You sure have a lot of vocations.