ITs the vending machine yippie

What you do:

I'll start and I put somthing in ...


so then the next person would post what the machine gives me and then he would put somthing in and NO POSTING TWICE IN A ROW

you get a sugar -free cookie, i put in a lamp post

huh, whats this about :@

maswfc gets a swift kick in the groin, i put in a quarter

you get a bicenttial quarter, I put in a livestrong braclet (i dont like those those braclets are for posers!)

you get more livestrong braclets. i put in a cow

geeks lounge is kinda dead.....

You get a yak. I put in a tattered Unix manual.

you receive outdated windows 3.5 manual. I put in a gold finger.

you get 5 gold rings. I put in a christmas tree

you get a kwanzaa kinara ->i put in my pc

you get a manual typewriter--> I put in a twinkie

you get ANOTHER FREE TWINKIE! I put in some sawdust

you get a bench-->I put in a Webster's Unabridged Dictionary

you get some paper. I put in a samurai sword

you get some cannubis seeds. I put in 10 tonnes of explosive

The vending machine starts slowly beeping...
"Ten seconds to self destruct," it says.
You stand there quietly, a million thoughts rushing to your head.
Do you run away? Turn to page 48!
Do you swear at the machine and pound on the buttons? Turn to page 71!






Page 48

You try to run away but the vending machine explodes into 5 peices and you are thrown back 7 meters.







Page 71
You get a pickle. I put in a slightly used version of Myst.

it spits myst back out at you....I put in a cup of nuts

you get some boiled peanuts
I put in a musket

you get a toy soldier->I put in some paint

@pizzafiend did you ever read goosebumps books? they were exactly like that, making a choice and trying not to die!

LOL goosebumps was awesome when i was a kid. I loved the choose your own adventure.
You get some paint chips
I put in a canoe

you get some native american indians to go with the soldiers -> I put in a telephone hear a compacting sound and an old beeper (not pager :lol: ) pops out. --> I put in a notebook.

some shredded paper pops out. i put in a scary picture :twisted: :evil:

You get a diced salad. I put in a guitar.

a drum set pops out. i put in a car

you get paper, i put in chocolate