You get a dog with little bits of really old paper stuck in its teeth.

I put in a People magazine.


You get a Agatha Cristie : And Then There Were None PC game

I put in a Brachstwurst in Zemmel, (yuumm)


You get a Dell XPS600!!! With a 20" flat panel LCD monitor!!! (SWEET!!!)

I put in a broken pencil.


You get two Italian turtle doves who love French hens.

[Marty - p.s. I figured you were talking about sausage Nov 22nd - what's Zemmel? Google brought up lots of different stuff, so I was stumped.]

I put in a cat-dog.


You get a Super Intelligent Monkey called George

I put in a "Team"; Office Motivational Picture

(Zemmel-Just a nice Bread Roll - no google results. In all, a good ol' Hotdog to you).


You get an "out of order" sign.

(I agree - thanks to cscgal!)

I put in a giant bio-degradable plastic bag (they finally invented one).


You get the keys to the Death Star, er, ..., I mean The Moon.

I put in an Astro Droid containing the plans to said Moon.


you get Princess Leia (lucky Dog :cheesy: :cheesy: ) I put in a light saber

You get an invitation from Darth Vader to meet you out back. (bet you're wishing you hadn't put your light saber in the vending machine - dang it!) :).

I put in 5 Backspace <-- keys.


You get magically transferred to a world built from Buscuits, sweets and chocolate, much similar to that from Hansel and Grettle, and suffer a mild headache from the lack of a balanced diet.

I put in a Star at Super Nova, that in an impending Event Horrizon threatens to crush the Vending Machine under huge gravitational presures, but luckily for us fades away into a White Dwarf.


You got a "Bend over and kiss your ass good-bye" bumper sticker, just in case the effects of the White Dwarf wear off.

["ass" meaning "donkey" of course]

I put in a rotund cat that does nothing all day except sit and watch the dogs.

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