You get an Lexmark printer badge

I put in the 0 byte

you get a software error

i put in a sandwich maker

YOu get cheese sandwich

I put in a diamond necklace.

error - exceeds amount of change given!!!

i put in a swing

error - exceeds amount of change given!!!

Did i say something wrong ???

Anyways you get dizzy
I put in a software bug.

You get software wherein you solved that bug, but created 348 new bugs.

I put in "buy viagra" spam

then you are forced to buy viagra (;))

I put in one of the forum moderators (i think my friend wolfpack would be good)

then you and wolfie gets a full moon,

i put in a snowstorm

you are taken in as a developer for Blizzard games (doesnt that make you proud :) )

I put in tornado

You get an blown away vending machine

I put in the software developers for Blizzard(there you go darrenw89 :P)

You get a world class RPG game (Warcraft anyone ;))

I put in Bill Gates.

error - head to big to fit in vending machine :d

i put in sonic (the blue hedgehog with funky hair lol)

you get hurt coz of the spikes

I put in "the family guy"

you get empy wrappers, as he ate the contents of the vending machine lol

i put in stewie

You get an evil talking baby! Wait, nothing changed. Vending machine must be broke :/

I fix the machine and put in an jellyfish!

You get to drink jellyfish soup

I put in a Cell phone

you get a call, i put in ketchup

YOu get smeared in fake blood

I put in digital clock

YOu get smeared in fake blood

I put in digital clock

you get a stopwatch

i put in a bottle of pepsi

YOu get only the fizz

I put in an iron rod

You get a Trout! +0.06749 fishing experience

I put in an feather

You get a chicken

I put in Dead Fish

you get a pack of dvd-ram disks

i put in a hamster (we prob should make it clear to kill-joys that daniweb doesnt endorse the cruelty of animals no matter how fun, besides hamsters dont vend that well anyway lol)

You get the hampster song

I put in a boiled egg

you get an egg poacher

i put in the crazy frog

You get an vending machine who makes a sh*tload of really annoying sounds.

I put in an black mage (any game)

you get an inspiron

i put in a hair

You get to clean up an barbershop

I put in scissors

You get shredded paper. I put in the latest issue of Australian NetGuide