you get fire

i put in the stupid sasser i just got

a hungry man eating worm crawls out, I put in a 26 K modeem

(Wait! The machine needs to process this....)

(15 Days later) you finally get a webpage

I put in The Matrix..

You get Algebra

I put in a chocolate cake

U get chocolate crumbs

i put in a Lan Card

you get a lap top

I put in a Dev-C++ compiler

You get JBuilder

I put in a tiger

you get a cub,

i put in overdue homework

i give you more overdue homework

i put in a ferrari :D WOOOOOOOO, What i would do for one :P

You get a Mclaren

I put in Microsoft

you get a bunch of error messages, I put in an island

hiya ournation, long time no post :)

You get the carribeans, I put in a hosting company

You get bankrupacy.
I put in an audio reel-to-reel player.

and you get a pile of burning ribbon (tape)

I put in an 8th grade, pre-pubesent student (male or female...)

You get a humdred push ups punishment.

I put in a web cam.

you get a video of you throwing the web cam into the machine.

I put in a Windows 98...

You get a blue screen saying I aint been made for work.

I put in Wordsworth

and you get back the many works of Edgar Allen Poe

I put in a rockingchair

You revolve around the axis a hundred thousand times.

I put in an 8086.

you get something that cut your head off. you put in your decapitated head
play runescape on

you get his decapitated head. I put in guys decapitated head/

you get back a pillow/ i put in the next person.

and out pops sugar, spice and everything nice... before the mutation process began

I put in a middle school bell schedule...

You get a dropout.

I put in a wombat...

you get back a coke

I put in Sharpie perm. marker...

You put in Sharpie perm. marker and get back a pocket protector.

I put in a lb of butter

You get an ounce of I cant belive its not butter

I but in 2 lbs of butter

You get generic tuna in water back.

I put in a smell pair of socks.