You get Tintin.

I put in snowy.

You get mana.

I put in a weather satellite.

You get snowed in.

I put in a coffee stain.

You get a beautiful memory.

I put in a lance.

Your mime gets punched.

I put in a puppet.

You get a Muppet

I put in .Net 3.0

You get a happy Bill Gates.

I put in some leaves.

You get too many pennies.

I put in a Stealth Bomber.

You get a computer controlled assasin.

I put in some conch shells.

you get a shell fish

i put in Guiness book of world records

You get bored for a week.

I put in my mother-in-law

You get someone who knows a lot about you.

I put in a penguin.

You get to join the circus along with that penguin.

i put in Osama bin laden

You get to join his group.

I put in a Jukebox.

you get to see all the members in daniweb dancing

i put in ban mido of get backers

You get me !!! :D

I put in an anime freak.

You get Lara Croft.

I put in a blanket.

You get an overhyped game.

I put in D&D rulebook.

You land in Baghdad.

I put in a cable-car.

You get the cable guy.

I put in a sandstone.

You get a carved, graven image.

I put in a DNA strand.

You get a cloned cow.

I put in some marbles.

You get bouncing, shattered glass.

I put in a prayer.

you get a 2-way conversation with God anytime, anywhere.

i put in Easter Sunday.

You get a chocolate egg.

I put in a facial mole.