You get a very confused teenager who's googling BetaMax as he types!

I put in a Bronx Cheerleader

Give me a C, "C!"

I am putting in an american football

(btw, i do know what BetaMax is and was :P)

You get Sony screaming ;)

I put in the atomic clock

(Think my last post was a little delayed lol - supposed to be in reponse to Serunson's 'Betamax')

(And I know what Betaman was & is! haha :cool:)

LOL, carrying on from yours darren,

You get a very accurate tick-tock.

you get a very accurately packed box of tic-tacs

I put in a tube tv - and monocrome at that lol

(Normally i'd remove that post but did rather enjoy the thought of sony screaming lol)

haha :P nice,

You get a LCD monitor

I put in my PS2 EyeToy camera, handily converted to work with my computer ;)

You get tackled to the ground

I put in a Watch

you get a funky new binary clock!

I put in my Lan disk

You get a WAN

I put in some speakers.

You Get a Subwoofer

I put in some Tweeters

You get Bugs Bunny and Tweety

I put in some Blackjack

You get some POKER

I put in some Xbox 360

You get a load of blu-ray DVD's (which you can't play! :D )

You get a Pre-N router - nice! :)

Asumming Darren put in a pre-n router:

you get a chemotheraphy coupon

I put in a digicam

(Sorry mind isn't with it today lol)

You get a speeding ticket.

I put in Mark zuckerberg

You get a man,

I put in a woman

You get a cave girl.

I put in a camper van. (Not just any van though...a VW hippy van! Oh yes!)

Dazza :cool:

You get the Psychedelic ages (HEY MAN!)

I put in some rugrats

You get some scruffy babies,

I put in a talking dog

You get scooby do.

I put in a Wookie

You get chubacka

I put in the force.

You get some POlice

I put in some grapefruit...

You get a headache

I put in a thin client

You get a fat employee

I put in an office

You get Steve Carrell

I put in God. (the sentiment of...)

You get the DVD of Bruce Almighty

I put in a Pocket PC

you get a reflection.

I put in toast!