(Think my last post was a little delayed lol - supposed to be in reponse to Serunson's 'Betamax')

(And I know what Betaman was & is! haha :cool:)


you get a very accurately packed box of tic-tacs

I put in a tube tv - and monocrome at that lol

(Normally i'd remove that post but did rather enjoy the thought of sony screaming lol)


haha :P nice,

You get a LCD monitor

I put in my PS2 EyeToy camera, handily converted to work with my computer ;)


Asumming Darren put in a pre-n router:

you get a chemotheraphy coupon

I put in a digicam


You get a cave girl.

I put in a camper van. (Not just any van though...a VW hippy van! Oh yes!)

Dazza :cool:

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