You get Aladin on DVD.

I put in an entire HR dept. (They're taking over the world! - they need to be stopped! lol)

it rejects the HR and you get Accounting (thanks a lot)

I put in Deodorant

you get antiperspirant

I put in a tooth brush

You get some paste

I put in kindergarten

You get the kinder egg factory (But with WinZip Beta 9 'Entire building compression') haha

I put in the LA Lakers

You get a team

I put in a pit crew from Formula 1

you get fuel in your eyes

I put in a towel

You get sweaty

I put in the game of Table Tennis

you get beaten

I put in a $500 bet

You loose all your money and more.

I put in a Horse.

you got a ride

ill put some wheels

You will get a car.

I will put a phone

You get a heart of gold.

I put in the total perspective vortex

you get a bag of infinity.....

I put in a new posting games idea!!

you get an integral calculus problem...

I put in a bag of Snackwell cookies (mmm)

You get a Barnyard DVD...

I put in your grandma.

This digital vending machine dispenses four type of beverage of your choice. This type of office vending machine is suitable for large offices more 50 peoples. It also offers you the choice of light, medium and strong option of beverage being dispensed. Even you can take half and full cup in each of the variants. Because of four variants you can serve to the different references of people.

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its about coffee vending machine information

You get a Barnyard DVD...

I put in your grandma.

You get back your grandpa...

I put in a sweet looking chair.

You'll get firewood.

I put in a walkman. :)

You get a living, scheming, obnoxious ginger break man. I put in a potato.

i'll get a potatp cheezy wedges...=)
i put a coffee bean

You get a compost pile. I put in an old school zip disc

You get a disk that is unzipped. I put in a storybook

you get a frog. i put in a tape dispenser.

you get tape, I put in Spongebob

i get a crabby patty. I put in a shoe horn

You get foot ache i put in a cockroach