you get a barbed wire fence

I put in a military bunker

you get the raided

i put in my homemade banana bread fresh out the oven

you get a nice bun fresh out of the oven

i put a chocolate bar

you get back a woman on PMS, eating the chocolate.

I put in a pink piece of Paper...

You get some pink slippers

I put in a fragmentation grenade

you get a random number of body parts

I put in a lightning bolt

and you get back a bucket of water and a lighning rod

I put in a can of Dr. Pepper

you get some water with 5 tsp of sugar

I put in some smelly sardines

you get a fishing hook

I put in a dead tree

you get some firewood

I put in some old dirty fingernails

You get a nailcutter

I put in a green cup of black coffee

You get some milk

I put in a Guiness Book of Records

You get a record holder

I put in a ringing phone

You recieve a box of kleenex.

I insert a gold ring.

You get 200 Gmail invites. (No, really, want a few?) I put in my low battery pop up notification

you get 10,000 dead laptop batteries. (nooooo, haha)

i put in a $20

You get half a winning lottery ticket

I put in a treasure map to the other half

You get the other half in ashes

I put in a broom

You get magic dust

I put in that dust

You get a flying donkey

I put in a rifle

you get a bow but no arrows.

I put in a silver Sharpie.

you get a brand new copy of photoshop cs (maan! i wanted that)

i put in an eminem cd (yeah... i want it to be torn to shreds)

You get eminems latest cd in an unopenable bulletproof frame

I put in a salsa dance done by eminem

You get people running for their lives

I put in a few extra lives

you get back a class full of middle school students singing off key

I put in a purple tucan bird shouting BOO!

You get it back with a broken neck

I put in a neck brace

You get an Alexander Keith's neck brace. (Not a hat)

I put in a spilt beer

You get a hangover!
I put in a Robots watch out of the Frosted Flakes cereal box.

you get a dead unidentified masculin boxer

I put in a brain

You get a slightly smarter monkey

I put in a drunk banana