The government has published Life in the United Kingdom,a 150-page book for prospective British citizens.

If you want the passport you'll have to read the book and then answer 24 questions drawn from its contents.

Lets see how ya do...I got 6 right :)

6 as well. But then I'm a Yank who's only spent relatively small amount of time in the UK.

I got 8 right, but then it helps to be born in Canada.

shit lol i got 7 and im from the UK!

Whats up with question 1 i said the second one which was wrong?
Knew about the magna carta but not the voting age or days

Life in the UK explains what to do if you spill someone's pint in the pub (we're not making this up). What, according to the book, usually happens next?

most likely fight if you dont immediately offer to buy another

shit lol i got 7 and im from the Dundee, Scotland

and a Canadian beat you?

shit lol i got 7 and im from the UK!

So you're now a man without a country?

the questions are stupid.