Hello Everyone,

My name is Dina. I am a 40 year old single mom and Director of a headstart center. I am currently taking 2 online courses from TAMIU in Laredo, Texas majoring in Business. I have begun my technology adventure and knowledge seeking quest and have been learning the ropes of basic computer 101. My Professor has encouraged me to continue my eagerness to learn on the growing technology world.

In our class we have been introduced to the real world of technology. It has been a challenge finding the time to research and become disciplined.

One of our projects is to provide the community knowledge of what we have learned in articles and hands on accomplishments. I see, in the treads and posting, that so many people know so much and I hope I may be of assistance to others. (as well as others may assist me)

I am excited to be a member and hope to serve the mission of the website.



Hi Dina, welcome to Daniweb! Feel free to contribute to the community.