Heh, heh - Isn’t it amazing that The Amazing Kreskin is able to read your mind at dinner theater? How about that? We are so impressed with these doom-sayers.

“The Industrial Age is ending. All the systems are breaking down and that means disappointment and disillusionment for the people who grew up in the ’50’s.” Celente elaborated, “These people believed in the Ozzie and Harriet way of life. That concept is dead. So is the concept of retiring at 65.” These were hardly prescient or specific thoughts, but they were certainly dramatic enough to make it into an Orange County newspaper in 1993!

“Americans will be spending more time at home than ever before both for pleasure and business.” Imagine that. You grow old, retire, and then you suddenly have more time. How the hell did Celente know way back 1998.

He is as accurate as Nostradamus without any of the gravitas.