Ok, so now that I have your attention, I'm nowhere near that arrogant or pompous to post such a title. But it got your attention didn't it?

My name is Wayne and I operate the WayneJohn.com blog. I'm a web developer, a tattooed freak, and an opinionated bastard. I started my blog to help learn marketing and social stuff since the only thing I've seen besides the bottom of a box of Cocoa Puffs is the glow of my monitor for the past 20 years.

I enjoy riding my motorcycle for long distance runs, and basically hovering over the line that divides socially unacceptable and 'where have you been all my life?'

If this doesn't garner views here, I don't know what to do.

I'm here primarily for marketing reasons, but since I might fit in with some of the geeks around here, I'll probably have more interest in this site than others. But honestly, talking about programming, database development and server architectures just bores the shit out of me. Hence why my blog barely speaks to any of that.

Anyway, hope to meet lots of people here and share some great ideas and helpful advice.



Thanks for taking time to read this blather...lol

Edited for a fake signature?!?!? WTF does that mean? My own Url isn't allowed? My site is me, and I am my site. It is an extension of myself and thus, should be allowed.

Damn commies...

If I put the same in line, like my blog is located at <snip>, does that could the same too???

I haven't been more offended so far...

Ok, updated my profile, heres a good signature?

Sorry for the confusion. May I point you to our rules, which better explain the situation.

Keep It Organized states that

Do not manually post "fake" signatures in your posts. Instead, you may create a sitewide signature within the user control panel. Posts must contain actual content and substance and cannot simply be external links.

which is why I removed the link at the bottom of your post.

You're also not allowed to directly refer to your sites:

Do not spam, advertise, plug your website, or engage in any other type of self promotion. To encourage open, unbiased (incentive-free) discussion, it is prohibited to refer to sites you own or are affiliated with outside of specifically designated forums within the IT Water Cooler category (Hardware Swap, Post your Resume, Project Partners Wanted, Show Off your Projects, and Website Reviews forums, as well as all forums contained within the Webmaster Marketplace).

Nothing personal, the rules are just there to prevent things from getting muddy when clever spammers come here. Your signature is fine right now; you're allowed to link to pretty much anything in your signature that doesn't violate any of our other rules.

Thanks for the heads up! Of course, I scanned the rules but didn't see that, nor expect it. I can dig it tho.

I've updated everything and completed my profile, so we're good.

Thanks for clarifying that for me.


yeah were not picking on you, most users just dont realise, an innocent mistake

however we have had a tenfold increase in spam lately especially covert spam which appears to be relevant posts

Yeah, these are the times, especially around christmas time that spam picks up a bit. I'm legit tho...I'm human, and a web developer in Southern California. Perhaps I threw a little too much personality into the post? hahaha

Take care, I'll find time to cruise the other forums sometime today.


Hi Wayne,

My name is Aaron and I am a student at Strayer University. I am also an aspiring small-e-business owner. I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what I'm doing with my website, and it would be a honor if you would provide me with some support and advice.
I'm looking to build a registration and membership page to my website, and I don't know where to begin. I tried copying, pasting, and editing someone else's login section... but, it did nothing for me. :) So, I'm basically at a lost.
If you could help I would definitely appreciate it. From reading your introduction, talking about this kind of stuff probably isn't why you joined this, but... you have alot of NEWBIES here that don't know a thing about computers, websites, etc... and you don't know how good it felt to run into THE BEST WEB DEVELOPER!!! :) I just hope you can help.

Thanks for reading my response, hope to here from you soon.