Coffee House and no coffee discussion from what I can see. :sad:

Short Caramel Latte thanks!

Either black, or with a bit of cream(not "creamer").

triple mocha, no whip, no foam
16oz. drip w/room

With a cigarette.

Regular cup, with vanilla cream and a kit kat!

regular cafe-latte type thing with no sugar - milk but no cream and not whipped

I have said this before, but...

From the gas station... White chocolate, cheesecake, rootbeer, 1/2 shot Latte O_O

From Starbucks, typically a White-chocolate mocha along with a butter-horn.

And of course I always pay the maker of the coffee to drink it (if they start making weird faces about it ). XD


I like my coffee in Kahlúa

Now that's a great choice!

i like coffee with two spoon sugar with milk

mmm Kahlúa do u like Black Russian?

black! and with a donut

Only pure Coffee without any addition (sugar, milk). I put cca 4 spoons to the cup and then I'm hyperactive in the school. :D

It depends on my mood. I like it with nothing, sugar, milk, or cream and most combinations of the above, haven't tried it with milk and cream, but all others stand depending on my mood. I had it with a little milk today. But, like JBennet, I prefer tea. In particular Barry's Tea. Mmm.

This time of the year I like to add a shot of eggnog to my extra strong brew.

I like PG tips or Tetley tea

I like my coffee in Kahlúa


oh yeah, cold coffee sucks!

Very strong and very sweet!

Very light :P
With milk and sugar ..

French press, very strong, dark with a small hit of soy milk and absolutely no sugar ever!

With hot chocolate (3 to 4 times the amount of coffee) :-p

I like my coffee FREE.

*people throw coins at her: PENNY-PINCHER!!!*

ouch... well, you ASKED.

I prefer hot coffee with milk and less sugar