What is the criteria for intelligence?
What is sapience?
Is Sapience different than sentience than intelligence?
Is there a test?"

You are sooooooo boring!

You are sooooooo boring!


the criteria for intelligence is many times determined by all them shrinks who come up with IQ tests and d like
sapience is when u can act with judgement ie when u can sense d options u have weigh them and make a choice
while sentience involves self-consciousness ie a kind of "am aware and i am aware that am aware". so far it doesnt seem there is a way of determining sentience for another entity other than yourself
which means we can only know we are sentience and not how (ie degree) sentient we are. Moreover intelligence is 'fluidic' that is there is a scale but sentience is 'radical' in d sense that its not a
gradual process where a thing can arrive at a point where it is sentient, it either is or not
so there thats my tupence to take as u like

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