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Well, the internet is progress and can be made use of , positively. Everything has its pros & cons, it is left for each one to determine if the pros are helpful & if can deal with the cons. Like he said some people need to be on top of things he needs to be at the bottom of things; so can all the people who need to be at the bottom of things quit the internet & even cause less traffic for the rest of us.
As for being a slum, i don't agree with that, i think it is for you what u have a tendency to be, if you maintain your integrity at all times it shouldn't become a slum for you.


He writes deeper stuff; I dug around on his differing sites and like what I found. I found his ideas intriguing - and when translated into cyberpunk ideas, I can visualize the cyber-structures with the zaibatsu living on top, controlling WWW3+ and razor-girls/boys populating the alleys and hidden byway of WWW1.

Back to the article - it is old (2004) and with the improvement in spam-guards and FireFox, many of his complaints are already addressed.

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