Beer makes you feel good. You knew that. But you don't realize just how good. Recent research has revealed bioactive compounds in beer that battle cancer, boost your metabolism, and more. And these benefits come on top of the oft-touted upsides of moderate alcohol intake: clot prevention, cleaner arteries, and reduced stress. Just in time for the summer, we set out with a stack of studies, a panel of parched testers, and a full fridge to find the best-tasting, healthiest brews available. [more]

This is kinda interesting but i cant stand the taste of it!! (Coke/Pepsi is my "beer")

i love beer... specially when its ice cold!

beer has always been good

beer was commonly drunk in europe constantly because it was safer than the drinking water

I wonder how they stood the taste..

There's good beer, and there's bad beer. For instance, Corona taste like piss and I almost puked having one, but recently I had some German one(don't know the name) and it tasted like a sort of roll my aunt makes, on the holidays, that I love.

My fave lagers:

Stella Artois
Miller Genuine Draft
The beer i had on holiday in Bulgaria: Kamenitza