I think I've found my "home" in a forum community.

Starting from most current and going back into history:

I am now a reseller of IBM’s Lotus Foundations Start. Info from this article says it all.

In mid-November 2008, I started an information-sharing website, <url snipped> to facilitate Small-Medium Business (smb) decision-making.

I am also a referral agent for i-lluminate, a semi-automated Data Warehouse tool – ETL is done automatically. For infomation about this unique BI-DW tool, visit: <url snipped>

Retired from: Governance, Compliance, Internal Audit, Banking, Consulting, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Expertise, Bill 198 Compliance Expertise, SOX, MI 52-109, and Compliance Software Designer.

A brief history:

The early part of my career was spent as a banker, mostly doing Business Process Reengineering and Data Warehousing. This led to an early retirement in 1995 to pursue Data Warehousing full-time.

My second career was as a consultant working in the field of Data Warehousing / Business Intelligence, incorporated as Data Warehouse Builders Ltd.

My third career started in 2005 when I was assigned as the IT rep to a Sarbanes-Oxley team. Using Data Warehousing concepts, I provided information and knowledge about regulatory compliance to legislation such as The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) and Canada's Bill 198 / MI 52-109. I didn't find this work very satisfying (no one wants to be told "bad news"), went back into "my 9-5 job" as a Data Warehousing consultant and started shaping my career in such a way as to exit the nine to five world. This took place "doing business as" ElegantSolutions.ca.

I was retired and into my fourth career as Webmaster of my newly-launched web site: <url snipped>.

When the opportunity came up to help SMBs better manage their IT Business Platform, I quickly jumped into my fifth career as a reseller of IBM's Lotus Foundations Start.


ps: I am still webmaster of my original business web site, <url snipped>, which I will soon modernize; it hasn't been touched in years.

Finally, if you've gotten this far, you can conclude that I didn't just write this at one sitting; it has been developing over a business lifetime, fully documented in LinkedIn at: < url snipped>

Hello and Welcome to Dani web :)

I'm sure one of the moderators (most likely jbennet) will be edit you post taking out your business links as they are not allowed on the forum :) - FORUM RULES!

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Apparently I misunderstood the purpose of introducing myself. I understood an introduction to be a presentation of credentials so that future comments could be evaluated in the context of the credentials of the individual who was making them. If that is not the purpose, I apologize and will accept without complaint any editing the moderator wishes to make. Is there an area where credentials should be presented?

Yeah basically its prohibited to advertise sites which you have a commercial intrest in. The only area that sort of thing is allowed is in the "show off your CV", "show off your project" and the webmaster marketplace boards.

dont worry about it, the rules are a little confusing at times, your post is genuine, not spam , so they may be edited, or they may not, we will just wait and see.

Welcome to daniweb anyway and I hope you enjoy it here