Hi besides being new to DaniWeb, I am also new to forums. Ill start by explaining that i have a very short term goal using this site to help me write two programs for my computer science intro class. Im very lost in the writing of these programs and need help being put in the right direction. I am not looking for the right answers but the direction that i need to go in and help with the issues that i will undoubtely come across. Also I see a long term relationship with this site to help increase my wealth of knowledge of java but as of now i could use alot of help on these two programs, so if someone could explain to me how i should post the programs in the java thread that would be most beneficial for people to help me i would greatly appreciate it.

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Welcome. I know a little about java if i can help?

just make a thread in the java board under software development. people wont do your work for you but if you post what you plan to do / have done so far they will help identify where you are going wrong etc...

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