Name: Root
Nickname: see above (this IS what my Momma calls me)
Height: avg
Weight: avg
Hair: needs trimmin'
Eyes: wide shut
Location: USA (land of the unemployed, home of the billionaire bailout)
Age: seasoned but ripe
Relationship Status: I have a wonderful 10 yr old daughter.

Hobbies: archiving live music (, playing music (trumpet), real/fantasy baseball/football, walking/hiking on the beach/mountaintop whatever...

Fav Music: everything (see above)

Favorite Food: whats cookin' (see above)

Favorite Movies: Blade Runner, LOTR, Star Wars, Clockwork Orange, Fritz the Cat, Eraserhead et al (mostly old school stuff)

Favorite TV Shows: Daily Show, Colbert, Robot Chicken (thats about it besides Football and The Weather Channel)

Favorite Video Games: Pong, Space Invaders, Super Zaxxon (now my age should be apparent)

Education: Virginia Tech Civil Engineering-ongoing (one sadistics class to go), also 2 yrs Electrical Engineering (

Work: anyone hiring (see above)?

Stuff you Dislike: Companies that layoff human beings to save a buck then cry that the sky is going to fall if they don't get some help.

Computer Issues: improving Vista wireless performance...


There is a norflok here too.

Thanks for the welcome. Yessirree, I noticed alot of Brits and Aussies so I figured that might attract some attention! Is there one in Scotland, too? There's lots in the USA and I'm in the VA one.

Computer Issues I Should Have Mentioned:

I have an old c.a. 1999 Toshiba that had Win 98. I put XP on it a long timew ago but it ran slow(even worse now) and I cannot re-install Win 98 from the OEM cd. About 5 years ago Toshiba said I had to buy a new cd for like $150. Is that the only option I have to get Win 98 on this machine?

Anyway, I'll take this to the appropriate forum and thanks again for the welcome and thanks to any further welcomers!

Yeah we share a lot of similar place names.

I cannot re-install Win 98 from the OEM cd

Whats the problem?

Its a Toshiba Satellite 2545CDS-I can provide more detail if you think it will matter.

In essence, when the OEM cd is "installed" it is aborted with the message "WRONG COMPUTER". I used the disk once before to do a re-install, then a few years later, after I put XP on the little bugger, which was a mistake, this problem surfaced. I blew it off for a while and eventualy got another lap top. Long story short, I called Tech Support and was told that it was a common issue and that I had to pay them some $150 to get a new cd! Seems strange huh?

I'm just now renewing my resolve to fix this and I appreciate your interest. I will do some research and get to you but in the meantime if you have any ideas I'd love to hear them.


Did you do a BIOS update?

If you update the BIOS or change something e.g hard drive, some OEM copies wont install as the hardware fingerprint is diffrent.

best idea is probably to just try and get media and a licence off of ebay or something

Its been a long time but yeh, if a bios update existed I probably installed it.

I'm thinking along those lines myself-maybe something like that can be found out there or just pay Toshiba.

what are the specs of the laptop anyway?