Here's some good rules:
1). Don't be retarted.
2). Don't shove it in the pant's waist.
3). Don't buy untrusted "Sat. Night Specials".
4). Don't shoot yourself.
5). No hairpin triggers.
6). Never place finger on trigger, unless you're firing it(that moment).
7). Never leave safety off till ready to fire.
8). Don't pour soda on it.
9). Assume it's always loaded; otherwise you're about to feel hot lead.
10). Trouble starts when... you're retarded.

This sounds like proof of Darwinian evolution.
Some people just can't be protected from themselves.
In the larger sense, I'd suggest some mandatory training with gun purchases.

Lets see if i can remember the basics:

  • Assume the gun to always be loaded, therefore dont point it at something you dont want to destroy.
  • Do not rely on safeties. If the gun doesnt need to be loaded, remove the magazine. If you arent going to fire, dont have a round in the chamber.
  • Know what (whom?) is behind your target
  • Keep your finger off of the trigger until you are going to shoot it
  • Know what to do in the event of a malfunction
  • Dont do something with a firearm that it wasnt intended for
  • Keep it properly stored.

Here's some good rules:
1). Don't be retarted.

I realize it's a typo, but this made me chuckle :)

haha...this is funny.. :P