I think my debugger is laughing at me. I almost posted for advice in the C Forum, but looked at my book again to quote from it, then I noticed some things that I was doing. Duh! Declare the array as a pointer if you want to return it from a function. I was getting furious at that "Returning local variable address or temporary" warning from VC6. All the time it was mocking me.

Ah well. I'm still here working on this freaking application that has absolutely no use, but I am determined to finish it just because I started it. :lol: Well, folks. To another round of a new mix I've dubbed, "Debug THIS!"


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Ah, debuggers. I liked the kind we had on VAX/VMS that we could use. As an intern, I got a head of the game a little bit and found out ways to customize the debugger so that it would leave certain parts of the screen alone, so that the debugger would not interfere with the display. Just by changing the way the debugger displayed things, I could get a lot more work done. My mentor was so impressed that he made me present to the entire team how I customized the debugger, and we developed templates for later use.

Enjoy your coding,


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