Yep, id, Activision and Ravensoft are at it again.
Soon to release a demo for the eagerly awaited Quake 4 game !

A little background..
Apparently this is to the be sequel to Quake 2. Infact its based almost immediately after the end of Quake 2. So we at least know what to expect. More Strogg monsters and.. things to kill.

Quake 4 is set to be an extremely visually impressive game, considering its based on the new Doom 3 engine. I'm sure everyone will agree that even if Doom 3 wasnt 'fun' it was visually impressive.
With a bit of luck they will realise the publics woes of Doom 3 and lighten things up a little. Although the dark environments were visually and atmosphericly pleasing, they werent much fun to play in. Frustrating at times.

The single player as mentioned will be akin to Quake 2. maintaining some favourite weapons such as the machine gun and nail gun etc.. (to be confirmed).
The multiplayer however, will be very similar to Quake 3 Arena (Q3A). Consisting various different team and multiplayer based gaming modes.
FPS game followers may even be in for a suprise or two when it comes to multiplayer styles of play ;)


and PC Gamers obviously somewhat pleased to have some details of the game, boasting a full cover to the game:

Are you waiting this game ?
Or just gonna stick with hl2dm for now till you get bored of throwing toilets at people... ?

My opinion of those games are they are just too hyped up before they come out, and then peoples expectations are just too high, and when they come out peoples hope just drops like a rock. I mean, take Halo 2 for example, people blew it way out of porportion.

Yeah i totally agree. But then im a die-hard FPS player and I love the quake series of games. Simply because they dont try to be anything they arent. A simple, honest frag-fest.
Halo 2 was hugely dissaplointing to me though. But having said that i waited over 5 years for Halo since we first saw video footage of the game itself as it was originally scheduled for release on PC. Way to go Microsoft for holding it back for the Xbox.

I'm one of those non-believers I guess. I ignore hype for games, movies and all those things and only believe things, and make my own judgements when I see some evidence (videos, images etc).

HALO and HALO2 were seriously over rated -> the PC version is what the XBOX version SHOULD have been. My brother being annoyed for PC users getting banshees and fuel rod cannons...

I like the FPS because of the action and fast play. So Doom 3 was a dissapointment -> IMHO an average game with Excellent graphics (thats really what it was made for ;) ). I Still fire up Doom and Doom II from time to time but only a few games ive found actually deserve their 'hype'.

I seriously recommend Q3A and UT2004 -> good fast frag fests, UT being more technically superior and versatile, Q3A being simpler and faster! Q4 might be an interesting thought if ID get the multiplayer sorted!

However i dont know much about HL2. HL was a great game but for mutiplayer thrills you need the MODs, Team Fortress being the best - unless you want a bit more stealth / realism then play CS. Have HL2 and CS Source have done the genre justice?

How popular is Counterstrike today? I remember about 4 years ago people in my class playing online and having clans. But I still see the counter strike games in like wal-mart. Are there a fair amount of people still playing it online? I might give it a look if there is.

Most people will still play it. Many have migrated to CS Source as a result of HL2...