G'day, folks:)

Eric Carwardine here - in Perth, Western Australia. That's in the southern hemisphere. You may know us better as the country where wowsers are intent on "filtering" (censoring) the Internet. A wowser, by the way, is a person who is intensely offended by the thought that another person may be enjoying themself. A wowser is the antithesis of a Crocodile Dundee.

I've put my full contact details at the foot of this post (perhaps I should also include my GPS coordinates :) ) just in case any reader should find themself in Perth and in need of a deep-and-meaningful chat on programming :) Could also add that at our place the kettle is permanently connected to the frontdoor bell :)

I'm a 65-year-young human[oid?] who's been coaxed out of retirement by a former employer - Curtin University. "Er ... Eric ... you remember those programs you wrote for us a few years back? Well, the technology's all changed , and we were wondering if you could upgrade the software." ... a few years back turned out to be the 1970's, and the program languages Fortran and Assembler. A mini-triumph for their longterm memory :)

I excitedly said "Yes!" After all, discovering the 'a' format descriptor in Fortran and learning how to trap Control-C in Assembler were for me moments of great euphoria. The university supplied much software (mostly dll files) that came with the Pico-technology hardware, and I soon found FTN95 that looks very promising ( http://www.silverfrost.com/13/ftn95/ftn95_fortran_95_for_windows_features.asp ). It was a Google search on "dll contents" that brought me to Daniweb forums.

I'll continue looking-around. Glad to be here, folks :)

Eric Carwardine
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Welcome to DaniWeb. Sorry I had to snip all that information, but rules are rules. You can include some of it in your personal information in your CONTROL PANEL, link at the top of each page.

There are a few of us old farts around here, welcome to the crowd :)