Hi there. Here is a little about me, for those who are wondering.

I am a 39 year old female. I have been married for eight years. We live in California, USA.

I have been playing with, fixing, and working with computers since 1990. My first system was a Packard Bell 386sx, 4 MB of ram and a 40MB hard drive (if memory serves). It had a 2400 baud Modem. (hahaha). I upgraded it during the first year to have 8MB ram and added a sound card (whooo.... 16 bit even) and a CD ROM drive.

Since then I have had many systems, most of them custom-built by me. Currently I use a Mac Powerbook (don't ban me or think this means I am one of "THOSE" people--I have no ill feelings towards any particular platform). I bought my Mac because I liked the way it looks, and because I have respect for the architecture of the OS. I have never believed - nor do I ever ever miss a chance to disagree with someone who claims that "macs cannot get a virus".

When I am not working or caring for the pets, you can generally find me sitting on the couch with my laptop - enjoying WiFi and watching movies.

My spouse and I are the "go to" people for our friends having problems with anything they call "electronical". (yes, that is a term one of them actually uses).

Sometime in the near future, I am going to help a friend who wants to be released from the grip of Vista, because she really wants to be back in the known-and-familiar-safety she is used to having - XP.

I also like music, anything NOT reality-tv, and reading. My favorite movie genres are: action/adventure, horror, suspense, true crime... fictional violence* brings me stress relief (and usually makes me happy). I'm a freak that way.

*I do not like to see people being tortured (when it's real)... and war movies make me cry. (sometimes)

Welcome to daniweb

Nice intro. Used to have a pc like that lol, Sound Blaster 16, CD Drive, 8mb ram, Windows 3.11 and an ethernet card and serial modem.

Nice intro and welcome to Daniweb! My first computer only had 256Kb RAM and don't even have a harddisk.