Each person has to start a sentence with the next letter of the alphabet.

Starting with 'A' right through to 'Z',no going twice in a row,thats cheating!

No repeating the same letters in a row.

I will start on 'A' then the next can start on 'B' and so on.....

Are you ready for this fun game?

But why would I want to play it ?

Cause its a fun thing to do,didnt you realize that?

Does it have any educational value also ???

Educational value might be be zero but think about E for Entertainment, that's gauranteed !!!

Futuristic thinking helps me plan to make the best of everything or anything.

Great, that really sounds great, but don't you think sometimes the think-plan-do approach appears to be so boring when compared to take-life-as-it-comes approach. What say ?

Hooray,this game is getting off 2 a great start!

It's starting to roll, man. Enjoy the ride.

Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pale of water.

K comes after J and before the letter l :)

Learn how to handle your own responsibilities.

Milan is the fashion capital of the world !!

Welcome to the site,why not join the game?

Milan is the fashion capital of the world !!

Nice that you noticed that about Milan :)

Pity thats they can only see @ night,but we all knew that for a long time.

Questions, the right types, sometimes lead you to path breaking findings.

Really, I need to ask more questions then !!! :P

Seriously, why do you think then there have been a steep rise in 'Help Desk' jobs. (Not that all questions asked there are the right types, many of them not even worthy of an answer !!!)

Umbrellas save us from rain, sun and...... bird shit !!!

X-Mas is the abbreviation for Christmas.

Zeus say to start all over again...

Go back to A..

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.

Between birth and death there's life, enjoy it to the fullest.

Circles create soothing space, where even reticent people can realize that their voice is welcome.

Day breaks just after the night has been it's darkest !!!