Who is currently playing the game fallout 3?

Anyone know what the ICBM at Ft. Constantine does?

Yeah i was a big fan of the old fallouts

im liking fallout 3 but i think they need to release a fix for the bugs, and remove the level cap. I dont like how they have basically made SPECIAL basically pointless though. Also needs a longer main quest and more sub quests.

Hopefully DLC and patches will address this. Ive got the 360 version by the way.

I bought it (Xbox 360 version) at Woolworths the day before they all closed, managed to get it for £5 - new and sealed. Now that has to be the bargain of the decade! Only just started playing it though, so have not got very far as of yet. Have left Megaton and am heading for Galaxy Radio.


you done arefu and the super douper mart yet?

Not done arefu but have done the super duper mart.

To be honest, am spending more time playing Saints Row 2 despite completing the game on the easiest two levels already - just love that game.

Odd, I really liked Oblivion but am not so keen on Fallout 3 even allowing for the underlying engine stuff being the same.

Saints row any good?

I just baught gears 1 and mercs 2 today

I first bought F3 cuz I thought it would be (sorta) turn-based like 1 and 2 so I could play it on my laptop - did not get far. Moved it to my gaming machine and I love it!

So far I completed the first chapter of "Survivor's Guide", Arefu, and THEM! I found Vault 106 but did not find anything much there. Got 'Dog Meat' but he is almost more trouble than he is worth. I am such a 'goody 2-shoes' that a pack of Talon mercs attack me almost every time I pop up in the Wasteland.

I have a couple of 'pocket nukes' but have no idea what they are for.

They are for the fatman mini nuke launcher you can find one at GnR on a dead brotherhood guy sometimes. Extremely powerful. Can kill a super mutan behemoth in one.

Kool! I am working my way through the Mall now - what do I do with the bags of squishy parts?

Open them and sometimes there are goodies inside like ammo frag grenades etc

Oh! I kept finding body parts and thought the ghoul doc would want them but he does not. Dragged that crap all over the mall, sigh.

I am going to start walking around the wasteland - I am getting bored going from known point to known point.

Hey guys, I just signed in to DaniWeb for the first time in months and found major changes to the layout of the site and , to tell you the truth, im not liking it much.

Anyways first thing i had to look for is the recent threads on my fav, the geeks lounge, and found this about Fallout 3. Let me start by saying Im not a big gamer, but I'm loving this game.

I have Multiple quests completed and im finding that there are many ways to play the game and each quest you take impacts the chance of opening another. Anyway Im pretty deep into this shit and lovin it. I have already found my father and now Im fighting my way through a whole lot of mutant masters, CRAZY. Lovin it. Any tips you need i can probably provide.

BTW whats up with this layout. Are they trying to hide Lounge or something?

Best way is to go out and explore. The sub-quests and the hidden quests and exploration are the way to go. There is about 150 locations.