Hello everyone my name is Sam yea a guys name but its short for you guessed it Samantha , my parents were hippies what can you say?
Well anyways Im just joining the forum and this is my first post, wanted everyone to know who I am and what I`m all about.

I build motorcylces here in Daytona Beach, Florida as a hobby have my own little back yard garage and everything, right now there is a metric bike
that is called a Johnny Pag that was in really good shape its a small metric chopper only 250cc but its one hot ass bike now that its customized a wee bit
Its my first build and well its in the style of an old rat chopper awesome bike it is my first build so I`m sorta predjudice on the subject.

Anyways I`m here to learn and grow as a biker enthusists, builder and lover of hott ass bikers and the bikes we ride.

This is a pic of my bike that I built my ole man has it up for sale on ebid for me but you can see how nice it is and maybe some day I will be as famous as jesse james lol
I`m not that good but inspire to be so. <URL SNIPPED>

Does anyone know where I can buy more metric chopper or bobber frames, parts etc?

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