So I've been trying to find a program that will let me turn this animated gif into a screensaver for my computer, but so far I've turned up nothing.

Anyone have any experience with how to accomplish this?

Hope this qualifies as a hang-out topic of sorts and doesn't get booted as support >>; I thought it was cool thing to figure out.

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Figured it out on my own.

In case anyone is interested in how to convert an animated gif into a screen saver, the easiest method I've found is (1) using a program like Macromedia Flash to open the animated gif and save it as a SWF, then (2) using a program called InstantStorm to open the SWF and make it into a screen saver. (3) InstantStorm will then create an install file for you to install your homemade screen saver on your computer.

If you don't have Macromedia Flash or don't want to pay for it, there are several other free-ware flash making programs you can use; the one I used is called SWiSH Max2.

Here are some links that'll help.
--SWiSH Max2.

There's another method I tried using a program called Video Screen Saver Maker, which as the name implies- creates a screen saver using a video file, but this method requires you to covert the animated gif into a video file such as wmv or mpg and then use the program to create the screen saver. Also, the trial requires you to click on ok button every time it tries loading the screen saver which kind of defeats the point of it coming up automatically...

I'm still looking for a more efficient way of creating and loading the screen saver as it does take up a bit of memory to keep up. Any advice, comments, or questions are welcome though. Hope you guys found this useful.

a screensaver is basically just an .exe
try making one in visual basic or something