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Your home planet is: Aquatopia

Aquatopia is a planet covered almost entirely in water, so the inhabitants are really good at swimming, as it's a necessity. The few bits of land are bursting with houses and shops, so there's not really much vegetations that's above water. The inhabitants have very long hair (coz it looks really nice when it all floats around when they're under water) and are really fit from all the swimming they have to do. At last, you finally know where you came from :)

Ah man!!

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You're kidding me? :icon_eek:

Your home planet is: Silbob Silbob is a square planet roughly 64 million light years away from Earth. It's covered in trees and smells strongly of cheese and tomato. The inhabitants of Silbob are all governed by "The Voice", which tells them what to do (but don't worry, because it's qite quite really - it just means you don't have to think much). They all have really short hair (it's the fashion there) and quite like swimming, when "The Voice" lets them. At last, you finally know where you come from : )


Your home planet is: Glark Glark is a round, red planet roughly 25 million light years from Earth. It's covered in shrubbery and cocoa bean plants (so they make loads of choccie there) The inhabitants of Glark usually have quite short hair so they don't get it caught in the plants (they're all midgets too), and they're all pretty independent. At last, you know where you belong :)

Sounds good, except I like my long hair.

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