You cheaters are dispickable, so dispickable that i would spit on you! i'm very fuckin sick and tired of all your pussy shit!! i can't get one shot in cs without being killed because of those fags with wall hacks and etc.

Those who cheat are dispickable losers who SUCK!!! they can't play for shit and have to go so low as to cheat. Have you any honors? What has the world come to these days!!?!!?!

those n00bs who cheat are fucking losers who can't do shit! cheaters are the most puthetic form of living beings i've ever seen (and i've seen some pretty low forms of living beings). Have you no honor?

Alpha you need to think about what you say. WHY DO YOU TAKE THE GAME SO SERIOUS!!!!! I cheat because now in the number one clan. We cheat we are skilled cheaters we kill cheaters. Listen bro people like you make us want to cheat more because we are they to piss you off and people who whin all the time. I RATHER PLAY WITH A CHEATER THEN SOMEONE WHO WHINS!

I don't care of you cheat... just go to a server where their all cheaters. Don't come and rewound my games. How can i get better if i keep on being killed 5 seconds into the game!?

Cheaters... play with other cheaters, plz...

I play where there are people nothing more. Anti Whining Cheaters suck just as bad as cheaters lol you will never stop me my clan or any cheater. We cheat more when you whin at us and give us more attention

something to think about

Cheating is good for some games ... like Game Genie on the ol' Nintendo and Sega systems. As far as most computer games, cheating can help you learn the game ... but then it isn't fun once you know you *could* do it yourself if you really tried. Ok, that's my rant on cheating. That's that.

but if cheaters keep beating you like in CS where everyone cheats you start to lose style in the game and cheating keeps it alive.

Cheating really pisses me off too. I still play Diablo2 LoD on Battlenet, and it's very irritating. A long time ago, the game was very vulnerable to hacks, so people wrote character editors, programs to duplicate items and hack items. Now, Battlenet has fixed these problems, but some of those items and characters still exist. It's a shame.

What I hate more is the people that try to scam you. There's a lot of trading going on so people are always out to really screw you up. It's a pity, but then again, it ads more challenge to the game.

Hehe...MAD_DOG...I stopped usin OGC for Urban Terror...its gay now...

I am now a skilled-non-cheating-wall-hacker

Even though I don't play Diablo II LoD anymore, one thing I liked doing was scamming the scammers. Whenever an idiot would try to scam me, I'd play along with it until the last second, then I'd kill them and take their gold just to piss them off. Other than that, I don't really hate cheaters as much as scammers who trick you and take your stuff or send you trojans. These scammers should really be burned alive.