Please dont blame me for double posting, i didnt know this was the best place to post this kinda stuff >.<
So I have been trying to figure this out for a while. Its a fun puzzle game that might send you thinking for a while, here it is:
Lets say you work at an office/lab, and you have workmates. Lets also say that you love Coke, so much you always have a 6 or a 12 pack at the office's fridge. Whenever its empty, you just buy a new one. But one day you suspect that one of your co-workers is stealing Cokes from you, and you dont appreciate that. Now, you mission is to Create some sort of algorithm that will let you know if someone is actually stealing your cokes or not.
For the sakes of the game this is how the 12 Pack looks like:
|000000 <--
|000000 <--
Where the Right side(arrows) is the part of the box that is opened. the 0 are the coke cans viewed from above.
Here are some rules that might make the game a bit more fair:
-The algorigthm is designed to verify whether someone is stealing cokes from you, NOT to know WHO that person is.
-You can design your own initial conditions.
-No memorization (not counting cokes everytime, not keeping records on how many you take)
-It has to be something relatively simple, that is, no super complex location of the cokes, in a super complex way, keep as simple as possible.

Remeber, you have to know immediately once you open that fridge and reach for that coke, if someone has taken one already or not. I have my own answer, but ill wait a few days to see what people say.
Well hope u like this game.

awww. its not homework... its just a game...
Im sad now =(

Well I mean, it's not very fun even if I assumed it wasn't homework. When you take a coke, just pull the next one to the front.

You count how many you have to start, then you leave them there for a few days. Let's say, a week later you check again and count your cokes. ta-da