I just registered after finding this site while looking for instructions on how to do a major virus clean and get back internet connection for a friend with a pc. I'm really loving my mac right now.

Name - Kim
Nickname - Kimmer
Height - 4'7" sitting at computer
Weight - weightless on the net
Hair - sufficient
Eyes - 2 of 'em
Location - Central Coast of California
Age - >50

Hobbies - jewelry making with reused metal, restyling vintage aloha shirts into contemporary fashions, art from found objects

Relationship Status - n/a

Fav Music - blues, bluegrass, Hawaiian, jazz, eastern european, afro

Education - AS in Computing, Electronics and Network Tech from Honolulu Community College, ADB (all but degree) in Anthropology from UC Berkeley

Favorite Movies - mostly indies and documentaries, The Girl in the Cafe, Yes Men, Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, Milk...

Favorite TV Shows - Daily Show, Rachel Maddow, Mad Men, The Office, Lost

Favorite Computer Games - all work and no play

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