The title is a literary allusion (gawd, I love it when I get all literate and intellectual).

I was perusing my list of blogs and found some interesting things but what really caught my eye was a link to the conservapedia.com. I had been there once a long time ago and had to laugh a little but this time, it is no laughing matter. This almost seems like a 'hit list' somewhat like the lists published on the 'pro-life' web-sites. Fortunately, they listed all the Republican Senators from states with Democratic governors so that no one would possibly think that it was a hit list. I noticed that they have added a list of lies to their description:
Socialized medicine - I remember when they used this bugaboo against Medicare.
Nationalizing the finance and auto industries - the link only points to some aliterate (a-literate as in neither literate nor illiterate) descriptions of socialism.
creating a socialist wealth redistribution system - this last link points to 'income redistribution' which paints a binary view of reality.

To be fair, I will link to their description of Socialism and then to my description of socialism.

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