me to! im browsing right now and i am currently listening to fall out boy "america's suitehearts".

I am currently listening to the Music and Lyrics soundtrack Way Back into Love, after this song I will be listening to Final Fantasy 8 song Eyes on me

Radio under repair, cellphone still charging, hmmmm...what else, sterio? already a thing of the short, no music for today. so sad.

pretty cool & expensive..

I'm listening to the song "Inner Universe" of the jp anime series of Ghost in the Shell... I like Origa but it's treble is The London Oratory School Schola

Scent of Flesh - Deformed in Torture, thought it was Swedish at first, but obviously Finnish DM.
Up next on the playlist a crusty classic from Stormtroopers of Death, "Speak English or Die!"

i lke mart friedman's solo albums a lot. also last sunday i went to massage salon and had an hour of massage. During that, they were playing some far east relaxing music. i think i will find some of those as they will remind of being massaged and relaxed. The music it self is also very nice.

Listening to the finacial news and it makes me gag!
You can now own all of General Motors for less than a Billion Dollars.
By year's end GM, Chrysler and Ford may not exist any longer!

Better switch to a classical FM station and a glass of wine.

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