Mixing up the Green Day discro, spiced up with a little Living End.

actually i like base guitar the most so i am listing ram stain right now

Browsing here listening to "Shaapit - Kabhi na kabhi to miloge"...

Em listening "OOPS is did it again",, by britney spears... :)

Currently listening to the final mixes of my bands new 3 track e.p.
My drums sound great! The rest of the band aren't so bad! heh heh!

Can't wait 'til they're mastered now....

If anybody's interested (like any of my friends or other regulars/semi-regulars here who've stumbled accross my occasional ramblings), some rough pre-production demo mixes of the three new tracks are uploaded to our myspace page: myspace.com/kinasis. (I think there's a link in my sig. atm)


Browsing here listening to "Shaapit - Kabhi na kabhi to miloge"...

Thanks, that is pretty good (first try)sounded better in other versions

Sometimes I just have to geek out - warning , lots of strobe at this Dr. Who rave

That looks more like a concert than a rave.

You're in WA, right? You throw a Dr. Who themed rave!

I am listening fifa songs sung by many singers like knan and shakira, they are really motivates me.

I m listening the Voice of enigma... great romantic music.. :)

I usually listen to music while I'm browsing here, what are you listening to right now?

EL-P - Fantastic Damage

Garbage Man by Muddy Waters :)

Billionaire - Bruno Mars and Travis McCoy

Billionaire - Bruno Mars and Travis McCoy

Catchy song! :)

A Nine Inch Nails "In This Twilight" remix on YouTube. So beautiful...


Chris Moore (aka Moore and Sons). Will be listening to something else another day, but this one just came in the door, so I'm still pretty high on it.

Now I’m listening to 'My Life Would Suck without You' Kelly Clarkson song...I hope its nice song to listen @ the moment....

I am listening to an updated version of "Another Brick"

Hey Ayatollah, Leave Those Kids Alone

The Essential Roy Orbison. Bit of an oldies kick lately.

Fade to black - Metallica

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i'm yours by Jason Mraz. nice song.

I listen to music whenever I can, be it browsing, coding or anything else... soothes me down!!
Currently listening:
In the shadows by resmus

I'm listening to If It's Lovin' That You Want by Rihanna..

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John Mayer's Hearbreak Warfare

I listen to a new album every week. Right now i'm listening to Dido - Life for rent. you should try it sometime esp if your heart is brocken.