Master of Shadow - Shoji Meguro (Persona 3 OST)

Sitting in the office listening to the sound of printer printing out the pay slip XD

The Best is Yet to Come - Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snake (PSX)

I have download Katey Perry's some song i will listen them at night.

Back to december - Taylor Swift

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Time's Up album by Living Colour (1990)

Bought it online as my magnetic tape went bad. :( Haven't listened to it for years. It's sooo good.

Now I'm listing to my mouse go click click click is I pick pick pick.

My wife bitch & groan alot!!
Other than that country music

Listen to all my computers alot to see if they all functioning properly so they won't go down on me unexpectedly.

Back to December - Taylor Swift

Black Velvet Band - The Grehan Sisters

right now listening to crystal castles - celestica (:

Sorairo Days - Nakagawa Shoko (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann OP)

Now I'm listening to the sound of thunder. Wait no it's me farting. :)

Listening to the user demand and request endlessly to my colleague..
His demand never end till the day of retirement.. Changes won't stop till the day of retirement..:-O

Sitting in the office listening to the sound of printer printing out the pay slip XD

We used to make computer music by sending files to the printer - the old chain-train drives worked really well for this.

Wish you were here - Avril Lavigne

I fought the law - The Clash

I fought the law - The Clash

Not "The Mash" I hope. lol. I had to mention that. Anyways right now I am listening to my mix of harry potter again but this time shuffled.

i love Michael Jackson!!
rock with youuu~

I am listening to the sound of a magysmo being made by macgyver on my third monitor.

The strangest cover of Lady GaGa you will ever hear - played on glass instruments

I am listening to "Konflict- Messiah (Noisia Remix)"
Awesome tune. Noisia is quite talented.

Currently i am listening firework by Shakira.

I'm currently listening to some terrible Opera. I must change the channel. If only I could find the remote.