Múm - Oh, How the Boats Drift

Of course I've listened to the famous bathroom recording version, but I've been checking out some of the other live versions and it's amazing what they do.

ABBA - Dancing Queen; Great song!
AC/DC - Back in Black
Seether - Sympathetic
Tom Petty - Free Fallin'
Heart - Every song under the sun

You've got to love Pandora!!!

- WolfShield

I usually listen to the music if I need to concentrate, specially if there's alot of ppl in the room and I need to muffle their talking.
Best is something without much words, like trance or house music.
Btw any good new vocal trance albums out there?

Currently I'm listening to Smile Back by Mac Miller

I am browsing but can't listen anything bcz I m in Office ;)

Currently i am listening "Fireworks" by Katty Perry. I just love this song.

Without you- David Guetta ft Usher

Within My Heart - Dead By April
Awesomes :D

I am working, cooking dinner for my wife, taking biz calls, washing some dishes and clothes as well folding some and I am listening to a local talk station that has great programming. I am a talk radio JUNKIE.

Iceprince - Superstar

The sound of spammers dying in my head

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Moloko - had never heard of her before; that lead me to Roison Murphy - then I discovered that Roison was half of Moloko.

I listen music in my free time.

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