Pain - Three Days Grace (or) I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace (or) Over and Over - Three Days Grace (or) What I've Done - Linkin Park (or) In The End - Linkin Park (or) Give It All - Rise Against (or) But Tonight We Dance - Rise Against (or) Nyan Cat - Nyan Cat


For those wanting to know what is "Nyan Cat", http://www.nyancat.cat/


I’m listening to party rocker by LMFAO team. I listen to this song very often because of its music.

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Does it energize your sig spamming sessions?

For some reason, I noticed Chloe Grace Moretz doing some interviews then I saw her as Hit Girl in the movie Kick Ass. Probably not really what I am listening to but the clip score will be familiar to most.


i am not that much fan of music
I like to listen songs in low sound

but my favorite is Bryan Adams

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