Pink Floyd - Childhood's End, 7th March 1973 bootleg
About a two and a half-hours long, and superb quality for an early '70s live recording.


Sha la la - Ayakashi NIGHT
Vocal: Uura Saeka

itsuka kimi to kawasou hyaku paasento no sumairu
( means : one day, we'll exchange 100% smiles with each other )


I am currently listening to the Music and Lyrics soundtrack Way Back Into Love. Later on, I while try to listen to the game soundtrack of Final Fantasy 8 Eyes on Me. Much later on, I will also try to listen to Beautiful in my Eyes by Joshua Kadison.


"Sha la la - Ayakashi NIGHT" ayakashi means demon..
Composition: Kohshi Inaba
Lyrics&Vocal: Uura Saeka

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