TMF on TV, another 3.5 hours till I finish work :)

my life would suck w/o you -> american idol=kelly clarkson

Started out with nothin' and i still got most of it left - Seasick Steve

Dangerous -- Michael Jackson

dont ask me why this fookin' coffee shop is playing it. they've got a mostly cool mix playing but they throw some random shiite in every so often.

:grr: :mad: :grr:

Been listening to a lot of morrissey and the smiths lately

Kutiman rulz - can you imagine how much time s/he must have wasted to produce this?

I've been listening to amatuer bands covering Don't Stop Believing by Journey on youtube. Most of them are pretty weak, but it is a tough song to play.

Aces High by Iron Maiden. I almost got the bass line down perfectly.

commented: Excellent song! +21

The NeverEnding Story - Limahl, I just love this theme.

I used to listen to Parkway so much.

Lately I have quietened down though, listening to The Get Up Kids.

alk3, one of my favourite bands