Allot of Nero's Day At Disneyland, and I think I've gone mad and may have to shoot myself to get the noises out of my head.


"Hero's Come Back" -japanese band: nobodyknows & my alltime fav dj: DJ Mitsu!!!

Everybody stand up! Agero kyou ichiban no jikan da..Me ni mo tomaranu supiido hantaa..Daremo ga mina toriko kanban yeah!...Everybody hands up! Matashita na hero's come back!!..Zujou kazoe yubi oru count down...Ikuze 3-2-1 make some noise!!

I just found it(^.^) in facebook linked to you tube... (^.^)


"Fear of the Dark" and "Number of the Beast" by Iron Maiden.

You sir, have good taste. I'm giving a run through the album "Sin After Sin" by Judas Priest :)


For some reason, I just love this sort of thing.

I'm in a mood but who gives a rats? Only good sound that could come out of that rat-infested country would be the sound of the nukes dropping... and then the silence. But then where would all those those cheap-ass companies outsource their call centres to I wonder?

Cruel I know, but as I said, am in a mood

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