O.K. ... get out your camera and show your system!

Not many people can leave it stock; most people add accessories and personal touches to make it pretty much a custom piece of equipment, so why not show it off?

Just use "Paint" or your own favorite image editor to limit the size of the photo to oh, say, 200 x 200 pixels, so it won't take forever to view the thread...

Let's start with mine: 2004 Compaq Presario AMD Athlon 2800+; 512mb pc2700 DDR SDRAM; 120Gb Ultra DMA; CD-RW/DVD-ROM; Pacific Digital Multi-Format DVD Burner (USB); JBL Platinum Speakers; 17" CRT; Microsoft wireless keyboard and optical mouse.

This is my first internet accessable machine and I'm on it every day... :cheesy:

Oh, and could somebody tell me how to post a photo or other image rather than as an attachment? I tried to find out, but could not; sorry!:o

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Oh, I see! Click on this thumb instead of the first one...:surprised

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Also, an HP psc1210xi printer, scanner, copier; TDK USB floppy; and an APC UPS with 24 min battery; Lexar 128 Mb Jumpdrive Secure; and snacks in the drawers to the right!


Instead of 200 x 200, go ahead with 640 x 800 or something like that...


Dosn't matter how messed up your 'station may be; we have all been there at some time or another, I'm sure!
If you don't have a pic, then at least tell us about your system and what special goodies you added to it (peripherals, mods, paint jobs, fuzzy trolls, whatever) to make it the personal ride that you want it to be.
I'm anxious to hear from everyone!


hehe ... don have anything special about my computer but the accessories .. yes the accessories are interesting .... half a dozen tea cups with two dozen wires in some two feet area .... I just have to make my own space for sitting ... and if I sit somewhere unknown in the room ... the cracking noise comes out with a broken cd .. lol. And I have beside me half the utencils of my kitchen :D. Nothing more special than that.


You don't wanna see my space!
It is three computers on one desk, one for recording one for graphics and one for playing.
4 printers, speaker surround sound, two mic stands a boom mic, and It is all on a corner desk trapped between a wall and a queen size bed, which gives me about a foot and a half for my chair.
It is not a purdy site..

Oh ya , the bed is actually my desk, that is where all the files, papers and cd's go. :)


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