Actually, it's an information leak a day

So what happens, that's right, yet another privacy sapping money pit full of everything a hacker could possibly want.

yeah did you hear that the (windows based) systems on our submarine fleet got infected with malware

Yah man... nothing is secured nowadays. can't say what will happen. BTW, jbennet can you give me the link for that submarine news.

Thanks in advance.

A computer virus is continuing to affect the Ministry of Defence's systems but it insists no classified or personal data is under threat.

Up to 70 sites, including several Royal Navy ships and RAF bases, have been affected by the bug, which has shut down computers and knocked out e-mails.

The virus first hit systems a fortnight ago but the MoD says operations have not been affected.

It is still trying to discover how the virus breached its security software.

Makes you sort of wonder which countries are targeted by British nuclear missiles?