I am in search of any and all computer related books.
If you are willing to mail them to me i would be pleased.
You can mail any and all books that you do not wish to keep to the following address
William Glaser
12041 E Harvard Ave 16-106
Aurora Colorado 80014

I would also like old tech manuals that any one would have.
Thanks William

Please Feel Free to Cross Post any where!
Thanks William

may I inquire why? I have some books you could have, I just want to make sure your not some neo-nazi wanting to burn them :p

hey thanks for the post.. no im not a neo-nazi wanting to burn books!
i am trying to get books so that i can learn my self and help some of my friends who dont have the money to buy or a place to get books
i would be much pleased with all the help i can get!

Have a look at this page ... it has tons of computer books online ... I havnt seen much from the site ... so don blame me if I am wrong :p