I'm totally a newbie to forums so ya'll have to be patient with me while I feel my way around to figure out how this works!

I'm a mountain gal, old, mostly happy, sometimes cranky - like now after spending too much time trying to figure out how to make a pop up window for a site...sigh. That's why I joined this community, so I can get answers and maybe even give some.

Anyway, I'm happy to be part of this forum and look forward to learning lots of great, useful things that will make my clients even happier with me than they already are!


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Thanks jbennet,

It's nice to be here!

Yes, with javascript. The research I've done has lead me to believe it necessary to use javascript vs only xhtml. The problem is that I have very limited knowledge of how to read javascript so making sense of the codes I've tried make it virtually impossible for me to problem solve.

I would be most interested in any direction you might be able to give me. Here's what I'm trying todo: popup windows for each piece of art being sold, smaller window in front and positioned at the top left of the screen. This way I feel the viewer will not get confused as to where they are on the site.



Well, that's what I read and thought javascript could work around that. Of course, if people have set their browers to block pop-ups that will be a problem. ~paugoo

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